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Gluten Free Diaries #2: Chicken Parmesan

Yesterday I went to Trader Joe's for the first time ever, and it was pretty cool. I loved seeing little signs everywhere to let me know what was gluten free, and I really just loved the whole vibe of the store. I won't lie, I definitely wandered around aimlessly at first because I was there… Continue reading Gluten Free Diaries #2: Chicken Parmesan

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Redefining Anxiety

I have anxiety. Not that kind of anxiety everyone has where they worry about a test or getting a job or a promotion. I have clinical anxiety, complete with medical diagnosis and constant fear of most of the world around me, with a bonus panic attack here and there. Anxiety is the reason I left… Continue reading Redefining Anxiety

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Why Women’s Rights isn’t Just About Equal Pay or Abortion

Y'all I'm tired. It's only been a few days since Donald Trump took office, and I am already so so tired. Give me a few moments to explain myself. I continue to see post after post after post about the Women's March, feminism, women's rights, etc. While as a feminist, I support your right to… Continue reading Why Women’s Rights isn’t Just About Equal Pay or Abortion