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Becoming Cruelty Free: Update #1

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful day, and I am so excited you came for a visit.

A couple of weeks ago, I made a post about my transition to a cruelty free collection. In that post (you can find it here), I featured some products I was trying to use up in an effort to get them out of my collection. I also mentioned that I planned to find cruelty free replacements for them before my next check in. I’ve found alternatives for most of these products that I am so excited to share with you! There are a few products I am still hunting down a good alternative for, but I wanted to go ahead and give you guys an update. Let’s get started!

  1. Mac Fix+

The first product I was able to find a replacement for is my Mac Fix+. This seems like a staple in almost every makeup kit. It’s great for intensifying eyeshadows, prepping the face before makeup, or refreshing makeup throughout the day. The more I used this product, the more I realized I really don’t think it’s that great (especially considering the price). I did however fall in love with the Mario Badescu Facial Spray. This smells great and does all the same things Mac Fix+ does, while also being great for your skin. You can find it at Ulta for $7, so I think it’s definitely worth your hard earned cash.


2. MAC Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette

First and foremost: as soon as I finished the previous post I got so curious about how old that eyeshadow palette was. So I googled what year that MAC holiday collection was released, and I won’t say how old. But I will say that I decided to immediately retire that palette. The good news is that it wasn’t difficult to find a replacement at all. The replacement I’ve found is probably even more versatile, convenient, and travel friendly. I featured the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette in a Shop My Stash Post, and the more I used it the more I remembered how much I enjoy it. I think it’s especially great for people who are just starting out with makeup or really don’t wear a lot of makeup to begin with.


3. MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow (In the Meadow)

The more I used this eyeshadow, the more I realized how much I did not like it. It isn’t pigmented, and instead of being shimmery it’s filled with giant chunks of glitter. I wasn’t a huge fan, so I’ve decided to pass this one along to a friend who will get more use out of it. For it’s replacement, I’m recommending a lighter green eyeshadow that I really like and think is definitely worth your coin. I think Morphe has excellent single eyeshadows, especially for the price (less than $5), so I think even if you aren’t cruelty free, you would really enjoy Wild Garden by Morphe. The color is slightly deeper, but it offers much better pigmentation and blendability.


4. Benefit Roller Lash

I ranted about how I really wasn’t the biggest fan of this mascara in my previous post about this, so I’ll spare you this time. I did find a mascara that I think does similar things to my lashes, but that I prefer. It has a rubber wand that’s shaped differently from the Roller Lash, but it works better for lengthening and separation. I think if you’re in the market for Roller Lash but better, the Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara is the way to go.


5. Simple Nourishing Day/Night Cream

This was a little bit tougher because my budget doesn’t allow for a lot of random buying of things, so before running out to get another moisturizer I had to search my collection. I didn’t find anything so I did go to Ulta, and I picked up a moisturizer by the brand Yes To. It wasn’t a bad moisturizer, but I feel like it never quite absorbed into my skin. So I returned it, and pretty much gave up on this one. BUT. Then I was cleaning out one of my desk drawers and I saw a sample of the Hey Honey 24/7 Day and Night Cream. I think this came in an ipsy bag a few months ago, and I just never really used it. And I think this works so much better than the Simple cream. It’s definitely pricier, but I think sometimes skincare is worth it. This product smells great, doesn’t leave any residue on my skin, and makes my face feel smooth and baby soft.


6. Simple Micellar Water

This one wasn’t so difficult because there are tons of good makeup removers/micellar waters everywhere you turn. I did go ahead and pick up a new one because I didn’t have two on hand, and I will eventually need another one anyway. The one I picked up I really do like, and I think it works just as well as the Simple micellar water. I picked up the Yes To Cotton Comforting Micellar Cleansing Water one day while I was at Ulta, and I really do think this one is just as great, especially if you have super sensitive skin.


Now for the products I was unable to find an alternative to so far; the two products are the Sephora collection 10 hour wear perfection foundation and the Maybelline fit me powder. I tried a few things out, but none worked as well as I hoped they would. No worries, I’m going to continue trying things out to see what I can find. In the meantime, I’m going to try to decide which products I want to find alternative for next so make sure you check back in for more updates on my transition to a cruelty free collection!


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