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ColourPop Haul

Good morning everyone!

In the spirit of staying relevant, I wanted to place a small order from ColourPop to try some of their newest products. So last time I got paid, I bit the bullet. Their pressed shadows were on sale when I placed my order, and as of right now they still are.

I ordered one of their eyeshadow quads in Blow Me Away, and I also ordered a single shadow in Piece of Cake. I saw several people on YouTube remove part of the four pan palette packaging so that you can fit more shadows in the palette, so that’s what I did. I have already played around with these shadows, and the four from the Blow Me Away quad were really nice. I thought they were pigmented and easy to blend, albeit a little powdery (this doesn’t bother me at all to be honest). Piece of Cake however, was a piece of poo. I wanted to try out a more colorful part of this line just to see how they work. I had seen a review by Kathleen Lights where she specifically mentioned how she did not like this shade. For the same reasons, I too dislike this shade. It lacks pigmentation, and it was almost impossible to blend. My makeup looked terrible, and I had to take it off and start over. I will definitely keep playing with this so I can give you a more in depth review.

Shadows from left to right: Take a Break, Issues, Centerfold, Slim Fit, Piece of Cake

Next I picked up a few lip products. I have several of their Ultra Matte Lips and Ultra Satin Lips, but I have been straying from the liquid lipstick trend as of late. I’ve actually been really into my glosses and traditional formula lipsticks. Yes, you have to reapply them. No, I really don’t care because they are just so much more comfortable and easy to wear.

On that note, I picked up an Ultra Glossy Lip in Fairy Floss, an Ultra Blotted Lip in Double Scoop, and a Blotted Lip in On a Stick. I also got a free mini lippie in ASAP with my purchase. I’ve only tried the ultra blotted lip so far, and I am so impressed. It looks like a lip stain, and I couldn’t even tell I was wearing it. It does settle into fine lines, but not nearly as badly as a traditional liquid lipstick. I’ll continue trying this out as well as put the other colors to the test in the next week or two so I can update.

From left to right: On a Stick, Fairy Floss, Double Scoop, ASAP

I really love ColourPop as a company. I think they put out some incredibly high quality products at an incredibly affordable price, so if you’ve been thinking about checking them out you absolutely should. I think this brand is absolutely worth the hype, and I look forward to continuing to try out new products from this brand.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Be sure to let me know what your favorite ColourPop products are so I can check them out, and stay tuned for a haul update in a couple of weeks!

Much love,



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